Our Earth Day Commitment

In celebration of Earth Day, Woodside commits to being DOE Zero Energy Ready by 2025.

This year marks the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day, and the birth of the modern environmental movement. The purpose of Earth Day is to bring awareness to the environmental issues our planet faces and create solutions for a sustainable future. In support of this effort, Woodside is making the commitment to be 100% Zero Energy Ready by 2025.

Get the home you want—and make it good for the environment, too

Our commitment to being Zero Energy Ready by 2025 is a demonstration of our commitment to you, and the world we live in. If you’re a new homebuyer, call on Woodside to design a home that’s everything you want it to be, and good for generations to come. Let’s get you home.

Understanding why 100% Zero Energy matters

To put it simply, a Zero Energy Ready home is one that is so energy efficient that, if it has a renewable energy system, the building produces as much energy as it consumes. Our commitment to attaining this designation for every new home we build by 2025 reflects our desire to help build a more environmentally friendly future for you—one that offers safe, secure, sustainable homes with options designed to fit the lifestyle and needs of each individual homeowner.

Woodside Homes Arizona leads the way to Healthy Homes

Woodside puts your family first—with homes designed to support your family’s physical, emotional and financial health. In our Arizona division, we have launched Healthy Homes. These features are currently available in select communities from Prescott to the Phoenix metro area and include eco-friendly products like:

  • MERV 13 air filters, which according to the U.S. EPA remove up to 90% of airborne contaminants and help prevent illness, fight allergies, and reduce asthma symptoms.
  • Inline kitchen water filters that provide clear, crisp, purified drinking water right from the tap.
  • Quality spray foam insulation in the attic and exterior walls to help regulate temperature, saving money while making your home quieter, cooler and more peaceful.
  • Humidity control sensors that make your home more comfortable while preventing mold and mildew.
  • Low-VOC building materials that keep harmful chemicals from getting into the air, which is better for you—and the environment.
  • Solid construction materials and “built tight” construction methods that keep climatized air in and unwanted noise (and house guests like rodents and insects) out.
  • Recirculation pumps that circulate hot water throughout your pipes to keep it readily available—and help you avoid flushing unnecessary water and money down the drain.

How healthy is your home?


If you’ve ever wondered how healthy your home is, these simple tools can help you find out:


“Sustainable” sounds good, but what does it really mean?

 What is a sustainable development? Why are sustainable homes important? What is an eco-friendly developer? Here are the basics:

Q:        What is a sustainable development?

A:         Sustainable real estate development is the practice of designing, building, and managing real estate projects to minimize their environmental impact and maximize their social and economic benefits.

Q:        Why are sustainable homes important?


A:         Sustainable homes are energy and water-efficient. Having a sustainable home is better for the environment because it can limit the amount of greenhouse gas that is emitted into the air from your home.


Q:        What is an eco-friendly developer?


A:         An eco-friendly developer is a home-building company committed to reducing the overall impact of the built-up environment on human health and the natural environment by using energy, water, and other resources efficiently.


Our Living Well Solutions—designed to help you build your best life

Beyond the particulars of square footage, cabinets, bedrooms and bathrooms, getting the most out of life means living in a home that’s uniquely you—designed to suit your lifestyle and priorities. Woodside’s collection of Living Well Solutions lets you personalize your home’s space by incorporating a variety of elements to give your home the character and personality you want, while keeping your home safe, clean, and comfortable for years to come. Read on, or view the collection.

Home Oasis

Designed with the nature lover in mind, Home Oasis features let you bring the beauty of the wild inside, create stunning outdoor living spaces, or both. Be inspired by floor-to-ceiling walls offering sunny vistas, enclosed porches, private gardens and courtyards, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, and more.

Work + Space

When creativity, productivity and flexibility are a priority, Work+Space features can change with your needs. Feel the freedom of dedicated spaces along with multifunctional rooms; pocket offices and nooks; as well as built-in desks, shelving and organizational features—all supported by the highest tech available.

Soothing Spaces

Soothing Spaces features let you close the door on the stress of daily life and slip into your personal retreat, where rest and relaxation rule. Imagine escaping into your home spa, walking floors set to your ideal temperature, and stepping into an oversized shower or sliding into a freestanding tub filled with bubbles. Here it really is all about you.

Conscious Comfort

You value a smart home. One that will provide more comfort—and cost savings—for your family over time. Conscious Comfort homes are third-party certified, featuring energy-efficient appliances, lighting, air filtration, windows, plumbing, roofing, and landscaping. Create a better world for your family, and the world they live in. From top to bottom, it’s a smart investment.

Our environmental partners and certifications

While Woodside already partners with and is certified by several environmental organizations, we’re deepening our commitment. Here’s our roadmap:

DOE Zero Energy Ready

A DOE Zero Energy Ready home is defined as being so energy efficient that a renewable energy system could offset most or all of the home’s energy use. Based on research from the U.S. Department of Energy, Zero Ready Energy Homes are 40-50% more efficient than standard new-construction homes. The top priorities are health, comfort, protection, and the future value of the home. 

  • In 2023, 25% of Woodside homes will be certified Zero Energy Ready
  • All Zero Energy Ready-certified homes will also achieve Indoor Air Plus and WaterSense certification as a requirement

ENERGY STAR® Certification by 2023

ENERGY STAR® rating is the first step on the journey to Zero Energy Ready. Granted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this certification standard is only given to homes that provide better quality, performance, and comfort. ENERGY STAR homes provide a 20% improvement in energy efficiency on average, saving you significant money in the long run.

  • By 2023, more than 90% of Woodside homes will be ENERGY STAR certified, and by 2025, 100% of our homes will have this rating.
  • ENERGY STAR®-rated homes achieve a high level of efficiency by using energy-saving, high-performance insulation, appliances, lighting, windows, and heating and cooling equipment.

  • To receive ENERGY certification, homes must be built more efficiently than code requires, and verified by a third-party Home Energy Rater.

LEED® for Homes

LEED for Homes is an internationally recognized green building certification program administered by the U.S. Green Council, that aims to increase energy and water efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, use natural resources thoughtfully, and improve indoor environmental quality. LEED breaks down your home’s sustainability based on categories like your location, water efficiency, and environmental quality. LEED homes use less energy and water, maximize fresh air, and minimize your exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants, and—on average—certified homes use 20-30% less energy than non-green homes, with some homes saving up to 60%.


WaterSense, a voluntary partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is both a label for water-efficient products and a resource for saving water. The WaterSense label is given to products that use at least 20% less water than regular models. The average family spends more than $1,000 per year in water costs, but you can save more than $380 annually with WaterSense-labeled fixtures and ENERGY STAR-certified appliances.

Indoor airPLUS

Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that helps new home builders improve indoor air quality by requiring construction practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants. Homes that earn the Indoor airPLUS label reduce contaminants that can lead to poor indoor air quality, including mold, moisture, radon, carbon monoxide, toxic chemicals, and more.

Woodside Homes, building for the future of your family, and the Earth

More and more, new homebuyers are concerned about being good environmental citizens while on the way to creating the home they’ve always wanted. Lean on Woodside’s expertise in sustainable building to help you get there. Contact us today. Let’s get you home.


Laurie Peck

Written by Laurie Peck - Apr 21, 2023

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