5 Ways to Treat Yourself for Mother’s Day

Every year, people across the world commemorate the love given and sacrifices made by moms. For Mother’s Day 2024, let’s look at how this special day started and the many ways to enjoy the spirit of the holiday at home—any day of the year.

On Mother’s Day, moms the world over are put on a pedestal, if but for a few hours, as family and friends gather or extend best wishes, in person, by phone, and across social channels, to say “thank you.”

The tradition began in the 20th century, when Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia held a memorial service for her mother, a woman known for organizing women’s groups supporting friendship and wellbeing. By 1912, near every state in the U.S. observed Mother’s Day, and in 1914 then-President Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday.

Although the second Sunday of May is dedicated to Mother’s Day, there’s no reason for moms to wait until then to celebrate who they are, and the contributions they make to family, community, and society.

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Honor women by being good to yourself 

Whether you’re a young mom, expectant mom, kids-entering-college mom, or happy-to-be grandmom, you have an important role in creating a support system for mothers. How women view the role of motherhood

impacts how others see it as well. When women of all ages respect and support one another, together we are a force of optimism for children, for generations to come.

To do your part (and be sure to share this with the gal pals, moms, daughters, cousins, and aunts you know) treat yourself like the royalty you are and consider these five ways to treat yourself well on Mother’s Day, and every day of the week.

Spa like you mean it 

Women dream of spa days. Days where time is spent lounging in a plush white robe and fresh flip-flops, wearing a freshly washed, make-up free face that’s ready for pampering. You’d recline under the warmth of the sun near a pool or rest in a wicker chair from an indoor patio surrounded by walls of waterfalls— where sounds send you to happy places and times. Maybe someone offers you a glass of bubbles, to complete the picture.

There’s no reason this wished-for resort respite can’t be located in your own home. You can transform your primary bathroom into a personal sanctuary to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit. More than a place to go to for relief and essential escape, an at-home spa visit can become part of your daily routine—either to prepare for or wind down from the demands of everyday life.

Indulge in greater wellbeing 

If you’re a “morning person,” a 20-minute soak in a standalone tub can help set your state of mind and emotions on an even keel, and give you time to “be in the moment” without being distracted by kids, or overwhelmed by racing thoughts about work or other demands.

If you’d rather welcome spa time at the end of the day, before slipping into bed and off to sleep, a jacuzzi bath would do wonders to massage stress away, and help you return to a calm center. For a head-to-toe wellness routine in less time, a steam shower can add the perfect finishing touches to an imperfect day.

Enhance spa ambiance with soft lighting, your favorite candles, and calming scents from an aromatherapy stand. Essential oils of tea tree, orange, and eucalyptus are known to clear the head and help you relax, so you can emerge renewed.

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Beyond the physical benefits it provides, a dedicated space for self-care gives moms permission to disconnect from the discord that may be going on around them, intentionally taking time to quiet the mind, which is highly

recommended though often forgotten. It’s ok for the nurturer to be nurtured.

Running a household comes with a little chaos—it’s unavoidable—but a spa bathroom helps make it more manageable.

Inner balance begins in the bedroom 

Restful sleep is crucial to feeling good and maintaining health. But with all the family and work obligations, moms seldom give their sleep priority or even any consideration. How easy slumber comes has a lot to do with where you rest your head—the bedroom—and whether it’s conducive to “out-like-a-light” or “counting sheep” all night.” There’s science behind sleep patterns—the stronger your “sleep hygiene,” the more restful it will be. A mom’s ability to relax and unwind after the children are put to bed depends on the entire bedroom environment—from furnishings and lighting, to air quality, and other factors. By making the primary bedroom a priority, the end of the day goes from “running out of time” to being something to look forward to.

It's the little things that bring the most joy 

Modifying your sacred space to promote better wellness doesn’t need to be an extravagant or expensive effort. Try replacing harsh LED lightbulbs with soft lights or add a dimmer switch to control the mood (of the room, not you). Even a tiny table lamp for the nightstand helps settle the nerves so you can gently drift off to sleep.

And a change as simple as switching from the night cream you’ve used for years to a lotion that tingles or cools your skin, can make bedtime rituals more enticing.

Moms know how quickly laundry can pile up, and just staying on top of the regular wash can be a monumental feat. But it’s hard to deny how fresh-laundered sheets make sleepy time more wonderful. To get that just-washed scent and make bedtime feel special, lightly spritz lavender sleep spray on pillows to keep them crisp while fragrantly calling you to slumber.

Peace happens after you air ‘whatever’ out 

One of the most important aspects of relaxation has to do with the air we breathe. Opening the windows at night pushes stale air out and pulls fresh air in, promoting better sleep. If your bedroom window is near a busy street or summertime temps make air conditioning the only option, consider using an air purifier to keep the air clean and cool. To get the best of both, a Zero Energy Home improves health, comfort, and safety for the family, and is good for the environment, too.

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Moms need a fitness hub to get through the day 

Your home is the center of your universe. Shouldn’t it also be able to support your commitment to fitness and health? It can.

Finding time for palates, yoga or an hour on the treadmill is difficult when the commute to and from the gym or Pilates studio eats up an hour that’s already spread too thin. For busy moms who crave endorphin-rich cardio over cheesecake calories, foregoing any workout isn’t an option.

Exercise enthusiasts sing the praises of a healthy sweat session for the endorphins that fuel energy and stamina, which puts moms in the fitness zone of being able to go from 0 to 60 from the moment they wake up. With an at-home fitness or wellness room, mom gets the healthy break she needs to keep her world moving at the speed of life.

Having the ability to exercise within the comfort of home can be a game changer for the whole family. An in-home exercise area can be right sized to fit four yoga mats—so mom and three of her besties can stretch at arm’s length, with room to spare.

If you currently take dance classes or want to revisit a passion for hip-hop, country swing or ballet, a larger room with a mirrored wall can help ensure good form and increase motivation to keep going, even on days when the couch is calling. Add a disco ball and once your friends find out, get ready for stay-in Saturday night dance parties.

Navigating work, family and other obligations can make sticking to a fitness plan challenging. A wellness center at home offers flexibility, so moms can squeeze in some spin at 5 a.m. or 9 p.m. A fitness room isn’t just an ideal, practical, time- and money-saving solution—it also teaches children the importance of exercise and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Get away from it all without ever leaving home 

For some, Mother’s Day is a time for moms to take a break from family obligations and go for a solo or girlfriend adventure that might include a mani/pedi, massage, facial, or a little shopping (because you can’t stop thinking about those trending sunglasses you’ve been eyeing for months).

But this year, try reframing Mother’s Day as an opportunity to focus on getting more “me time” without leaving home—how you can improve or redefine your personal space at home, and own it fully. One way is to create a home oasis that connects you with nature from the inside out.

If you’ve caught yourself saying “I want to run away, just for 20 minutes,” now you can. An outdoor oasis gives moms moments to escape from whatever, so they can keep it together.

Think about this for a minute: what kind of scenery comes to mind when you picture the ideal outdoor environment for calming your nerves and helping you find your center again? What could you do with a corner of the backyard to bring that vision to life? Maybe it involves a grassy area for meditation (the real thing or ecofriendly faux turf), with a fountain nearby. When you close your eyes and the breeze blows just right, you’d swear you were in a forest, at the edge of a trickling creek.

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If your side yard has a couple of trees that offer shade, introduce a hammock between the two and sway the stress away.

An outdoor oasis is yours to create, and nature provides most of the essentials. Lush greenery, fragrant blooms, and the songs of local wildlife (the birds and squirrels, not your neighbors) help you unwind and fade into serenity.

And because this space is yours to use whenever and however you see fit, it can serve many purposes, like lounging under the midnight sky to gaze at the stars, hanging out with your mom crew for wine, appetizers, and a little more wine, or a peaceful, full-body stretch at sunrise.

Don’t ever question whether you need an outdoor oasis. You do. You need a place to go to process the events of the day. Because quiet reflection always trumps a quick reaction, and you never want to be left with, “I wish I could take that back.” Some sage advice shared by the Mayo Clinic is to take a pause when uncomfortable situations arise with people, and practice 10 tips to tame anger. An outdoor oasis gives you the time and space to figure things out.

It’s OK to daydream, often 

Mother’s Day 2024 can mark a new chapter in your life as a mom. With the other 364 days of the year focused on taking care of all the things, maybe it’s time to focus on those parts of you, deep down inside, that’ve been neglected.

Remember what it’s like to let your imagination run wild? In a journal, on a blank white canvas, or tinkering around on that old acoustic guitar that could use tuning? Restore those set-aside passions, and reinvigorate the creativity you were born with. With an in-home creative studio, opportunities to explore self-expression are available at your

convenience, which makes it easier to enjoy them—and that makes you feel more well-rounded and fulfilled. Bestselling author Eve Rodsky said a woman needs to claim “Unicorn Space,” a way to spend time doing what she loves for herself, aside from taking care of her children, partner, or career.

Moms function better when making decisions is less “I have to decide this right now,” and more when the muse strikes. Spending time at whatever your favorite pursuit is, without distractions in the comfort of your own home studio, gives you space and time to clear your mind and come up with more effective, creative solutions.

Finding interconnectivity between nurturing the soul and taking care of family is essential for moms who want to experience emotional balance and a sense of accomplishment. Contemplating your innermost thoughts and feelings through art or other hobbies adds more dimension to motherhood, and gives you the freedom to find new perspectives that benefit everyone in the household.

A creative studio can also show children the beauty of self-expression and engage their busy minds through fingerpainting, Play-Doh, Legos, or (insert your great idea here)—and could be the start of a lifelong pursuit of happiness.

Healthy homes are made of well-rounded individuals 

Finding gratitude and appreciating moms this Mother’s Day begins with honoring yourself. Acknowledge who you are and what you do for family, friends, and others in your community, and give yourself credit for the care you give, and other valued contributions you make to society.

In this way, you will help elevate every day of the year to Mother’s Day status—for women the world over. In treating yourself to wellness activities made possible with a spa-like bathroom, bedroom retreat, exercise area, outdoor oasis, or creative studio, you can become the best version of yourself—and there’s no greater gift you can give yourself, or your family.

To make it happen sooner than later, ensure your home is healthy from the ground up. Woodside Homes are built with features that make life easier, healthier, and more enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

Melanie Stern

Written by Melanie Stern - May 9, 2024

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