Gratitude, The Secret Ingredient for Your New Home Journey

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for embracing family, reflecting on the past year, and indulging in all the little things that make this time of year special. It’s also the perfect time to appreciate what you already have. As Dale Carnegie famously said, “Success is getting what you want, but happiness is wanting what you get.” Gratitude for things like your healthy family, supportive friends, flexible job, and ability to treat your loved ones to a special holiday season will enhance your enjoyment of this time of year.  

Of course, gratitude has bigger implications than simply boosting your short-term happiness. It’s common knowledge that having an attitude of gratitude can also help you build stronger relationships, deal with anxiety, and improve your physical health. But did you know it can also be the secret ingredient in the journey to buy your new home? Read on for all the information you need to utilize gratitude in your new home search.  


How to Incorporate Gratitude in Your Daily Life  

While expressing everything you’re thankful for at the Thanksgiving dinner table is a great place to start, you shouldn’t let it end there! Incorporating gratitude into your daily life will help you learn to focus on the positive and enhance your overall well-being. Here are some ways to get started.  

  • Write in a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal is a place for you to think and write about moments, people, or things about yourself you’re grateful for. By keeping a daily journal, you’ll train your brain to pay more attention to the positive and consistently remind yourself how much you have to be appreciative of. Make sure you choose a peaceful place to write in your journal each day such as the serene private courtyards and patios offered in many Woodside homes. 
  • Practice gratitude meditation. Gratitude meditation is the practice of reflecting on all the good things in your life. If you’re new to meditation, you can use guided apps that offer practices geared toward gratitude or you can simply take some quiet time to clear your mind and focus on a person or object that brings you joy. With the extra space offered in many Woodside Homes models, you can easily create a meditation room so you’ll always have a quiet place for your practice.  
  • Express yourself. While practicing gratitude is a wonderful gift to give yourself, it’s also something that should be shared. Studies have shown that telling others what you appreciate about them increases your happiness while also boosting the mood of the other person. Make a point to tell at least one person each day you are grateful for them and why. 

Gratitude and Homebuying: A Powerful Combination 

Once you’ve started a daily gratitude practice, you can start bringing this powerful concept into all parts of your life–including the homebuying process. Before you begin looking at new homes, take some time to focus on the space you and your family currently occupy. What about this home do you love? How has it served you over the years? What special memories have you made? This is a good time to look back through photos you’ve taken while living in your current home so you can relive the special times and give thanks to the space that facilitated them. 

As you go through this process, pay special attention to the features of your current home you feel most grateful for. Is it the large windows that let in so much natural light and always boosted your mood? The spacious kitchen where your family gathered every morning for breakfast and to talk about your plans for the day? Identifying what you love about your home will help you create a wish list for your new house. Taking this Woodside Home quiz will assist you even further in identifying what you really want and need in your future home.  


Be Grateful You’re Able to Buy Your Dream Home  

Just because there is plenty to love about your current home doesn’t mean you can’t be excited about making a move! Be grateful that you and your family are able to afford one of the new homes on the market and that you are able to personalize features such as extended or covered patios and multifunctional rooms. You can also give thanks for the opportunity to live in a healthy, safe home with features like water filtration and low- or zero-VOC materials that Woodside offers to ensure you and your family are able to live your best lives.  

Moving to a new home is not just about the structure itself–it’s also about the neighborhood. Take some time to be grateful that you’re able to move your family to a community with safe streets, highly-rated schools, and nearby amenities. Woodside builds homes in premier communities like Graham Grove in Bakersfield, CA, Cadence in Henderson, NV, Granite Bay, CA, Sommers Bend in Temecula, CA, Stonecreek in American Fork, UT, and Eastmark in Mesa, AZ where you and your kids can thrive. 

Show Your New Home Gratitude  

Don’t let gratitude end once you’ve purchased and move into your new home! Marie Kondo, the celebrated author and creator of the KonMari Method, recommends showing gratitude toward your new home to create positive energy and vitality. You can do this by:  

  • Introducing yourself to your new home and asking its help in creating a happy space for your family. 
  • Creating morning or nightly rituals with essential oils or incense to spark joy. 
  • Opening windows and doors when possible to create air circulation.  
  • Bringing in plants and encouraging your kids to help you care for them to show your home you care about its well-being.  
  • Developing easy storage solutions to keep your home clutter-free and maximize the flow of energy. 
  • Paying attention to what items in your home spark joy and get rid of items that do not. 


Host a Thanksgiving Gathering in Your New Woodside Home 

A Woodside Home is the perfect place to host a Thanksgiving gathering. With optional covered and extended patios or outdoor fireplaces, extra room for guests, and locations in quiet neighborhoods, Woodside Homes are welcoming spaces where all your loved ones can gather and enjoy the holiday together. If you’re hosting the holiday for the first time, follow tips like planning your menu ahead of time, accepting help from family members who want to contribute dishes or assist with preparations, and using holiday-themed dishes to set the perfect table. Of course, the most important tip to follow is to relax and be grateful that your family and friends are able to join you in your brand-new home.  

Start Your Home Search With a Positive Mindset 

Are you ready to thank your current house for all it's done for your family and start looking for your dream home? The caring team at Woodside understands that you need security, personalization, and high-quality materials to have a home that truly meets your needs. Learn more about what they offer and start your home journey today.  

Angela Chaney

Written by Angela Chaney - Nov 9, 2023

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