Tablescaping for Thanksgiving

There’s nothing more heartwarming than gathering with your loved ones during the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether your family is scattered far and wide or all still live under the same roof, you can use this time to practice gratitude for each other while enjoying delicious food and creating new memories together. 

Ready to take the next step in your holiday host journey? Make sure to put tablescaping on your to-do list. 

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What is Tablescaping? 

Never heard of tablescaping? You’re not alone! The concept, which is trending on Instagram, is relatively new and refers to the art of decorating a table in a way that is memorable and impressive to guests. It’s also a way to express your own unique personality, start a conversation, and transform your meal into a special event. 

While many Instagram influencers go overboard on their tablescaping, with holiday-themed dishes, matching decor, and loads of seasonal flowers, your tablescaping doesn’t have to break the bank or take days to plan. Even simple designs can elevate your table and make everyone feel more festive. 

Tablescaping Tips and Tricks 

New to setting a beautiful holiday table and don’t know where to start? The first step is to have a space that is open and comfortable for all who will gather. Fortunately, Woodside Homes feature open floor plans that are filled with natural light and can accommodate everyone you love. 

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Here are some tips and tricks for tablescaping success:

  • Choose a color palette or theme first. Whether you opt for pumpkin prints or neutral fall colors, knowing your theme and palette will help you create a cohesive look.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Your Woodside Home is all about sustainability, and you can reinforce this by tablescaping with natural elements like rustic table runners, wooden chargers, and fall foliage. 
  • Be eco-friendly. More and more families are opting for sustainable and eco-conscious holiday festivities. Be kind to your family and your planet by using eco-friendly tableware made out of recycled materials. The options are endless and you can easily find table settings in the colors and prints that enhance the rest of your design.
  • Choose an eye-catching centerpiece. The heart of your table should draw the eye and create a warm, festive mood. While a bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers is always a hit, you can also consider a collection of candles or a cornucopia full of fruits or veggies to harken back to traditional Thanksgivings.
  • Incorporate some memorable details. Bring the gratitude of the season to your table by creating little cards for each place setting stating why you are thankful for that member of your family. Other small touches include expertly folded linen napkins with your family member’s initials or a glass of their favorite holiday drink.


  • Embrace depth. Every beautiful home needs visual appeal, like placing tall vases or candle holders around the table. 
  • Create a glow. Warm lighting is key to evoking positive emotions, which Woodside Homes prioritizes in all their home designs. Think candles, string lights, or lanterns to enhance the ambiance and spark joy in your guests. 
  • Embrace your culture. Remember that your table does not have to fall in line with traditional Thanksgiving decor. If there are cultural elements that have meaning for you and your family, incorporate them to create a personal touch. 

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More Showstopping Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Designing a welcoming space for your family and guests doesn’t stop at the table!  A beautiful, open home that perfectly fits your family’s needs is the ideal backdrop for a holiday wonderland. With Thanksgiving and Christmas being a mere month apart, you can start decorating now to showcase a holiday vibe that will enhance both of your cool-weather gatherings.

Here are some ideas:

  • Bring out family heirlooms like holiday dishes, Christmas ornaments, or antique furniture. This helps ground your family and remind them where they came from. It’s also a nice way to honor those who are no longer with you this holiday season.
  • Be liberal with the festive flora. Poinsettias, garland, and other holiday plants are decor go-to's and can be used everywhere from the holiday table to wall hangings to bathrooms and more.
  • There’s nothing like a beautiful wreath to welcome your guests into your home. If you lean into oranges, whites, and reds, your wreath will easily bridge the gap between the two holidays. 
  • Embrace hygge. A Danish word meaning embracing coziness and the warmth of those you love, hygge represents the epitome of the holiday season. Play up hygge elements with faux fur rugs, blazing fireplaces, and plenty of hot cocoa. Get in the cozy mode with this hygge Home and Hearth Playlist from our blog.

While being together is undoubtedly the most important part of the holiday, having a safe, healthy, and beautiful home is important to set the scene and create an atmosphere where deeper connections are fostered. If you already have a home that fits the bill, you’re all set to start getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Don’t yet have a home you’re proud of? Don’t worry! By taking Woodside Homes’ quiz, you can find out what type of house will work best for your family, and be in your new place by the time next Thanksgiving rolls around.

african-american-family-at-home-2022-03-09-02-57-08-utcGratitude, peace, and embracing family are all hallmarks of the holiday season. When you live in a safe and secure Woodside Home, you can relax knowing your family is well taken care of, and focus on creating a magical holiday experience for all who step through your door. If you’ve not yet made the move, reach out to a Woodside expert who can help you through every step of the home buying experience–and have you settled in your ideal home in time for next year’s festivities. 

Angela Chaney

Written by Angela Chaney - Nov 20, 2023

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