Finding Your Happy Place: Stress Management When Buying A New Home

Buying a new-build or resale home can be a stressful experience—but you can minimize that stress by setting realistic expectations, getting preapproved financing, finding a knowledgeable agent, doing your research, and taking care of yourself. Follow the steps outlined in this article to feel less stress and anxiety, and more confident about the homebuying process.

Finding your happy place: How to relieve the stress of buying a new home

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to buy a new home. You’re ready, and heady with excitement and joyful anticipation. Unfortunately, you may be less prepared for the uninvited stress and anxiety that shows up along the way.

It’s okay. It’s not you. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an old pro, buying a new home is a huge undertaking that can leave you feeling confused, out of control, and generally tense. Here are some strategies to help you have fewer sleepless nights, and feel more confident as you move through the process.

Is it a necessity? Or just nice to have?

One of the most important things you can do, early in the process, is make a list of the features that are a top priority in your new home (must-haves), versus those things you fantasize about but can live without (nice-to-haves). Think about what you’re willing to compromise on, and what the dealbreakers are. Having open conversations about these things with your spouse or other family members at the outset is a good way to stem conflict down the road.

Take the long view

Whether buying a resale home or building a new one, you may have expectations for the condition of the house and/or property that may not be realistic given your immediate budget or available market options. This can be especially true if you’re building a new home, and imagining it in its perfectly designed and finished state. Try to be flexible, and take pleasure in knowing that from floorplans, bedrooms and patios to bath fixtures, carpet and wallpaper—your home will evolve over time, ultimately becoming a beautiful expression of your long-term vision.

Love it? Can’t live without it? Be ready to make an offer with a pre-approved loan

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will put your mind at ease the day you find “the one,” because you’ll already know whether you can afford it, and be able to move quickly if you want to. Getting preapproved for a loan is one of the best ways you can help yourself feel more in control and have a greater sense of certainty about the process.

A good real estate agent is worth their weight in gold

Whether you’re buying a new-build or resale home, you’ll want the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent. Look for one who’s familiar with your local market, and experienced at offering guidance at every step of the process—from negotiation to closing and beyond.

The right real estate agent or sales counselor will play a huge role in reducing the anxiety you’ll feel throughout the homebuying process. While it’s good to explore referrals, in every case you should talk to a few agents, because you’ll get better at interviewing them as you go along, and their differences will help illuminate what you really need and want out of the relationship.

Knowledge is power

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments most people make in their lifetime. Whether you’re buying a new-build or resale home, it’s important to research the local market, get a home inspection and review the seller’s disclosure statement. Your real estate agent can help with these things, but doing your own due diligence can help you identify potential issues before they become major problems—which in turn will make you feel more in control, and confident in your decisions.

Be kind to yourself

Most people juggle competing priorities during the course of a day, like work and taking care of family. This is only heightened when you’re in the midst of buying a new home, when you have to respond quickly to the many and frequent demands that are a normal part of the process. During this time, don’t skip going to your favorite gym class, taking that hot bath, or making time for lunch (and laughter) with a friend. You’ll feel more patient, focused, and relaxed.

Call on Woodside to help ease the way

When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of new-home building, Woodside leads the way. So you can enjoy the process more, and worry less. Contact us today. Let’s get you home.

Laurie Peck

Written by Laurie Peck - May 4, 2023

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