Organizing your home for calm, harmony, and productivity

An organized home is a happy home – especially during chaotic seasons, like back-to-school. 

Now that Summer break is over, you’re probably feeling that good old sense of anticipation and nerves that comes from transitioning back into regular life. Schedules get busier, routines shift, and lazy days outside are few and far between. 

It’s not always easy to shift into the back-in-school headspace, but we’ve found one secret tool that makes things a lot smoother: organization. 

While you’re running around the house taking inventory of what you need to get your kids off to a strong start, having a place for everything in your home is absolutely essential. And having a home filled with unique storage solutions that can transform any space into an oasis of calm? There’s nothing better. 

The Connection Between Organization and Peace of Mind

Organizing your home does so much more than make your physical space more appealing – it has a profound impact on your mental well-being. Research has shown that clutter and disarray can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and a sense of overwhelm. On the other hand, an organized environment promotes a feeling of calm, boosts productivity, and fosters a positive outlook on life. 

Having a designated spot for each item in your home allows you to effortlessly locate what you need, reducing the time spent searching for misplaced belongings. This creates a sense of control and order, which can significantly alleviate stress during busy periods. 

For instance, have you ever been trying to take inventory of pens, pencils, and other basic supplies and found them strewn all over the floor or shoved into random drawers around the house, simply because there are no good spaces to keep them? Close off the clutter with under-island shelves and hidden drawers to keep all supplies out of sight, but not out of mind. It really can be that simple. 

Woodside Homes' Storage Solutions: Bringing Tranquility to Your Living Space 

You deserve storage solutions that not only look good by themselves, but fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Your home should be carefully crafted to optimize space and offer versatility, making it easier for you to maintain an organized and serene living environment. Want to imagine what that could look like? Lets start here:


Personalized Closets and Wardrobes:

If a big closet is a must-have in your home, you’re in luck – our closets are designed to feature personalized closets and wardrobes, allowing you to create tailored storage spaces for clothing, shoes, accessories, or anything your heart desires. By having a designated place for each family member's belongings, you can minimize clutter and ensure everyone can easily find what they need.

Entryway and Drop Zone Organization:

The entryway and “drop zone” often serve as the first line of defense against chaos. Woodside Homes' designs frequently incorporate thoughtful entryway and mudroom organization solutions, such as built-in shoe racks, coat hooks, and storage benches. This allows you to keep backpacks, shoes, and outerwear neatly stowed away, making it much less likely that you’ll find them tossed aside in other areas of the home.

Kitchen and Pantry Efficiency:

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and during the back-to-school season, it becomes even more crucial. When you’re running around prepping lunches or making a quick dinner before piano lessons, the last thing you need is to be wondering where things are.  

Your kitchen is designed with ample storage and organization in mind. Our “wow” features include functional “morning kitchens” with ample space for prep or last-minute cramming. You can even opt for an additional dishwasher, sink, or even fridge. From spacious pantries to well-planned cabinets, you can easily store and access ingredients, snacks, and cooking essentials, reducing stress and time spent rummaging through cluttered cupboards.

Homework and Study Areas:

As schoolwork increases, having a designated homework and study area becomes essential. Our home office spaces and study nooks are built into our designs, because we know just how much a well-organized study area enhances focus and productivity during study sessions.  

This is another way our hidden storage solutions come in handy – if you happen to feel exhausted after a late-night exam study session, simply file your papers and pens away in our handy nook and head straight to bed. 

It’s not every day you find a home with so many personalization options – but we know the options can get overwhelming. Give our team a call when you’re ready and we’ll help you make the best choices for your needs. 


Finding Calm In the Chaos

Embracing organization and optimizing your storage spaces can ensure so many things that make the daily hustle and bustle easier, including:

Reduced Stress and Anxiety:

A well-organized living space can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels for the entire family. Knowing that everything has a designated place and can be easily accessed brings a sense of control and order, easing the overwhelming feelings that often accompany the morning rush.

Smooth Mornings and Evenings:

Having a place for everything means mornings and evenings can run more smoothly. That means less time spent running around looking for missing supplies and more time for special moments spent together.

Enhanced Family Harmony:

An organized living space fosters a sense of harmony within the family. By involving everyone in organizing and maintaining the home, you promote teamwork and responsibility, bringing your family closer together.


Improved Focus and Productivity:

With designated study areas and organized spaces, both parents and children can experience improved focus and productivity. A calm environment promotes efficient learning and work habits, enhancing overall well-being and academic performance. 

The back-to-school season can be a whirlwind of excitement and chaos, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Organizing for calm by creating a place for everything in your home can transform your living space into a serene haven amidst the busyness. Reduced stress, smoother routines, and enhanced family harmony are just some of the benefits you'll reap from an organized living space. Embrace the power of organization and experience the tranquility it brings to your life. 

Send our team a message or give us a call today to start your journey.  Let’s get you home.

Celina Jimenez

Written by Celina Jimenez - Sep 10, 2023

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