Create Peace At Home This Holiday Season

Simple organization techniques can make a world of difference, especially as school kicks into high gear and the holidays rapidly approach. Read more for our tips on how to make tweaks to improve your new Woodside home. 

Fall Into Routine: How Simple Organization Brings Peace to Your New Home 

As the leaves change color and the air turns cooler, we find ourselves stepping into a time of transition and renewal. Fall is the perfect season to embrace change, especially if you're moving into a new home. In this article, we'll explore how the simple act of organization can usher in peace and reduce stress as you settle into your new abode.  


Your Journey to a New Home 

Whether you’re moving down the street or to a completely different city, moving into a new home creates a lot of excitement and anticipation. There’s a lot of duality in the process – it’s exhilarating, yet challenging; freeing, yet overwhelming. The promise of new beginnings also comes with the stress of packing, unpacking, and adjusting to a different living environment. It’s important to honor the process while doing what you can to make it easier on yourself. But what does that look like, especially during those chaotic unpacking days? 

The Significance of Organization 

Research has consistently shown that organization can have a profound impact on reducing stress. A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that individuals who described their homes as cluttered or chaotic had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This highlights the direct relationship between clutter and stress. 

Another study conducted by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) discovered that 91% of respondents felt more in control of their lives after organizing their homes. Additionally, 68% reported a decrease in stress levels.  

 A cluttered and disorganized living space isn’t ideal for any home, much less a home in which people are simultaneously trying to be productive and find rest (e.g. people who work from home or have kids who need a quiet space to study and do homework).  

 As soon as you get settled into your new home, real life begins again – routines begin to develop, guests begin to pop by and it's easy to watch clutter and chaos pile up. That’s why it’s so important to create a home that allows for optimal organization from the get-go. 


Fall Cleaning and Organization Tips Fall Cleaning and Organization Tips 

As you step into your new home this Fall, consider the power of a fresh start. Think about where in your home you’d like the most organization and prioritize creating that for yourself.  

Begin by decluttering your space. Remove items you no longer need or use, condense similar items into one place and ask yourself if anything can be donated or put into your storage facility.  

Thankfully, taking this step in your Woodside Home doesn’t require much thought – our Storage Solutions offer a wide range of options to help you maximize storage spaces and ensure that everything has its place.

But organization goes beyond just putting things in a drawer and calling it a day – it's a much broader concept that also includes each individual room and the furniture in it. For example, designing a functional workspace that includes as much open space as it does storage space is key to ensuring a productive work-from-home environment.  

 Moreover, having a designated room for hobbies, games and activities will also help you stay organized – but in a different way. Rooms that are dedicated to certain activities (rest vs. exercise, work vs. play) will help you compartmentalize your day so that you’re not doing everything in one place. Remember, organization doesn’t just exist outside of you – it has to take place in your mind, as well! 

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Woodside Homes exists to help you do just that. We intentionally design our spaces to ensure productivity, relaxation and work-life balance, and a huge way we do that is by creating dedicated work and play spaces. Want to know more about what this could look like for you? Send us a message to learn more.

Prepare for the Holidays with an Organized Home 

Organization is so much more important when things get busy and hectic – and what could be more hectic than the holiday season? The American Psychological Association reports that 44% of people (women in particular) experience increased stress levels during the holidays, so if you’re already dreading this time of year, you’re not alone.  

An organized home can work wonders when it comes to reducing stress. When your living space is organized, decorating, hosting gatherings, and managing the holiday chaos becomes more manageable and enjoyable. Plus, it’ll make it easier to host those out-of-town loved ones without feeling overwhelmed by physical (and mental, if we’re being honest) clutter.  

The holiday season isn’t just about celebration – for family members who are in school or dealing with end-of-the-year projects and deadlines at work, it’s more important than ever to ensure everything has its space. Wrapping paper, spreadsheets, piles of gifts and schoolwork shouldn’t be mixed together on the same countertop. 


Keep everything in its place with Woodside’s dedicated productivity and storage solutions, like homework nooks, stairwell niches and tucked-away drawers and cabinets to ensure your space isn’t only decluttered, but aesthetically-pleasing.  

Declutter Your Life in a Woodside Home 

As you embrace the Fall season and the excitement of your new home, remember that simple organization can be the key to lasting peace and reduced stress. Partner with Woodside Homes to make your new space truly your own, where everything has its place, and you can gear up for the holidays with confidence. Contact us today to start your journey to a more organized and stress-free life. 

Celina Jimenez

Written by Celina Jimenez - Sep 28, 2023

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