Start living well in a healthy, move-in ready home from Woodside

When you think of a "healthy home," what comes to mind?

Aside from the love between the people inside of it, what does a healthy home look, feel and sound like? Here are some of our thoughts.

A home is more than a place to live and a financial investment—it’s also an investment in your family’s health and wellness. That’s the consensus from a broad spectrum of researchers, who learn more each day about the connection between our homes and our wellbeing. 

According to the Global Wellness Institute, “Our homes, communities and surrounding environment directly affect our daily behaviors and lifestyles, and together these determine up to 80–90 percent of our health outcomes.” As people spend more of their lives at home—including working remotely, exercising, cooking, and socializing—having a home that contributes to their overall well-being is becoming an important concern for homebuyers 

And that's where Woodside can help. Our Move-in Ready Collection features homes that are carefully designed with your family’s health and happiness in mind, saving you the stress and expense of renovation. 

Move In and Zen Out

With the demands of modern life, more Americans are naming mental health as a top wellness priority 

The Mayo Clinic suggests sticking to a healthy sleep schedule, doing yoga, and meditating as good ways to promote mental and physical wellness, but many older homes lack spaces for people to prioritize their mental health. 

Whether you like to ground yourself on a yoga mat, journal in a cozy and inviting room, or soak in a warm bath, Woodside homes come equipped with Soothing Spaces, our Living Well solution that offers a comfortable, relaxing refuge from the chaos outside. 

Tune out distractions and get down to business 

Having space to relax is important, but so is having space to work. As more Americans embrace opportunities to work hybrid and remote schedules, home office needs are growing, and older homes may not be equipped with the right layouts and technology for the job. 

A whopping 96% of Americans surveyed want a dedicated workspace in the home, and for good reason. Dedicated workspaces not only help us concentrate while we’re on the clock, they also help us separate from work when we’re done for the day—something nearly a quarter of remote workers report struggling with. 

Woodside Work+Space features are designed with these needs in mind. Whether you need a full-time home office or just a nook to concentrate on bills, our homes are smartly laid out to help you maximize productivity. 

Connect with your home—and with nature 

The more time we spend at home working, playing, or relaxing, the more important it is that our homes keep us connected with nature. Research from Harvard’s Healthy Buildings program notes the importance of natural light, meaning older homes with small windows and no porches won’t meet the needs of nature-conscious homebuyers.  

That’s why Woodside homes are intentionally built in neighborhoods surrounded by beautiful, natural landscapes. With options to personalize large patios, picture windows, and private courtyards, our Home Oasis features promote getting outside and enjoying nature, as well as welcoming nature inside. 

Find your healthy home in our Move-in Ready Collection 

Renovating an older home to meet modern wellness aspirations can be costly and time-consuming. But Woodside homes are built from the outset with wellness in mind and come equipped with features that are designer-curated to promote health, happiness, and harmony.  

Explore our Move-in Ready Collection to find a home that’s ready for you—and ready for you and your family to live your healthiest life. 


Written by Hannah Bridges - Sep 26, 2023

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